Service & Repair

We offer Service & Repairs for most makes and models of mechanical domestic sewing machine.

How often should i have my machine serviced?

Sewing machine like your car will require servicing at some intervals during their life.The service depends on how much you have used the machine ( it's mileage) and how you have stored, cared for it between use. .

Cleaning and servicing at regular intervals will increase the longevity of your machine.

How long does it take to repair or service sewing machine?

servicing & repair work will take from 6-8 days subject to the availabillity  of any parts.

What to Bring for check- up?

Obviously your sewing machine and also bring.

  • Foot pedal control.
  • Power cord
  • Standard presser foot.
  • Standard zig zag foot.
  • Bobbin & bobbin case.
  • Sewing machine manual & accessories


What does a service include?

  • Cleaning throughout the whole machine by removing all the covers and cleaning out any old gunk, grime,grease, fluff, dust and lint hiding in the machine.
  • Check and adjust top and bottom thread tension.
  • Check  and adjust needle and hook timing.
  • Check and adjust the feed dog are straight and not rubbing on the stitch plate.
  • Check and adjust bobbin winder
  • Check motor.
  • Check and adjust zig zag setting.
  • Check and adjust presser foot height .
  • Check and adjust the reverse stitch setting.
  • Check and adjust needle bar alignmemt.
  • Check and tighten any gears that are getting loose.
  • Check and adjust the drive belt.
  • Check the wear of all barrings.
  • Remove the old oil and greas.
  • Apply fresh oil to moving parts.


How much sewing machine service & repair costs?

Mechanical sewing machine costs £35 excluding parts. 

Please note

We can't offer service & repair for Overlock and Computarized  sewing machine.

Terms & Conditions

Please take a moment to read our Terms & Conditions.

Once we evaluate your machine , then we will call or email you to advise on charges for the repair, service , both or otherwise.


Sewing machine service & repair payment must be paid in full before the sewing machine is collected by the customer. We will contact the customer to arrange a collection time & date.

Once the agreed work is completed the machine will be tested and approved. We will make it available for collection.